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黏度計Cannon-Fenske Routine
廠牌:CANNON Instrument Company®

Cannon-Fenske Routine

For measuring kinematic viscosity of transparent Newtonian liquids, particularly petroleum products or lubricants, according to ASTM D 445 and ISO 3104. Specifications conform to ASTM D 446 and ISO 3105



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貨號 黏度計代號 概略常數 動黏度範圍 單價(未稅) 數量選擇
A-550-01 25 0.002cSt/S 0.5~2cSt 詢價
A-550-02 50 0.004cSt/S 0.8~4cSt 詢價
A-550-03 75 0.008cSt/S 1.6~8cSt 詢價
A-550-04 100 0.015cSt/S 3~15cSt 詢價
A-550-05 150 0.035cSt/S 7~35cSt 詢價
A-550-06 200 0.1cSt/S 20~100cSt 詢價
A-550-07 300 0.25cSt/S 50~250cSt 詢價
A-550-08 350 0.5cSt/S 100~500cSt 詢價
A-550-09 400 1.2cSt/S 240~1,200cSt 詢價
A-550-10 450 2.5cSt/S 500~2,500cSt 詢價
A-550-11 500 8cSt/S 1,600~8,000cSt 詢價
A-550-12 600 20cSt/S 4,000~20,000cSt 詢價